Documentation Services (Corporate or Vessel Specific)

BOS offers the following Documentation services - please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Dynamic Positioning Operations Manuals

BOS produces Vessel specific DP Operations Manuals in accordance with Class requirements, and which reflect best industry standards and proven practice.  BOS can also provide Corporate DP Operations Manuals which incorporate the operational requirements of the Client, as part of the ISM Code.

Emergency Response Manuals

BOS can provide vessel-specific Emergency Response Manuals, using the Station Bill as the key tool, to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of all personnel in an emergency (defining the aspects of Communication and Occurrence in emergency control). The use of text is enhanced by clear critical point flow charts and tabulated critical activities.

IMO Ballast Management Plans

BOS subscribes to current IMO Guidance, to provide a standard Ballast Management Plan applicable to a specific vessel, or MODU, and its associated activities or trading pattern.

IMO Waste Management Plans

BOS utilises current IMO Guidance to provide a standard Waste Management Plan, applicable to a specific vessel / unit and its associated activities or trading pattern and in compliance with local and Worldwide Legislation and controls.

Marine Operations Manuals

Marine Operations Manuals are produced to be fully compliant with Class and IMO requirements. A concisely documented and well laid out MOM is a vital reference point for both new and experienced employees, providing sufficient detail to offer a clear insight into the safe operation of the vessel's plant and systems (including safety systems) and to enable them to maintain the vessel in a safe operational condition. For any MODUs the documents will comply to the applicable MODU Code requirement as stated in section 14, but may also be extended at the client's request to provide a description of the Drilling, Mud and Well Control equipment and systems.

Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Manuals

BOS provide clear and precise vessel-specific documentation, to provide personnel with the information necessary to enable them to quickly understand how to use the safety equipment on-board in the event of an emergency.

Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) Manuals

SOPEP and SMPEP Manuals are drafted to reflect MARPOL requirements applicable to each specific vessel / unit, and its operation. This document forms part of the vessel's suite of Emergency Response documentation.

Well Control Manuals / Handbooks

BOS has written comprehensive Well Control Manuals for a number of major offshore drilling contractors, incorporating the latest techniques in modern Well Control. Manuals can be tailored to a client’s requirements, and can cover all MODU types and Well conditions. Corporate Well Control Policies and Formatting can be included.

Emergency Procedures

BOS have wide experience in the provision of Emergency Procedure documentation as part of operational contingency planning. The procedures are supported if required by suitable Activity flow charts and are designed to be an ‘aide memoire’ to the Emergency Control Team. The documentation would provide a clear outline of the vessel-specific Emergency Equipment and its operation, and a description of the Roles and Responsibilities of the personnel involved.