BOS offers the following Training services - please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

DP Emergency Training

This course employs vessel-specific, credible, emergency operational scenarios, to facilitate a scope of Emergency DP Operation training, with both DP Operators and Marine Engineers, to stress the need for constant vigilance and awareness during DP Operations.

DP Operations Risk Awareness Training

This is a presentation to ensure that all the supervisors and managers that are engaged in DP Operations have an understanding of the concept of the operations (and the associated operational interfaces and potential risks of maintaining a vessel on DP) especially while engaged in high risk operations. The concept of a vessel, attached to the sea bed by a 30 inch diameter pipe some two miles long (and with another pipe extending potentially five miles into the seabed) highlights the risk-awareness side of the operation.

Introduction to DP Drilling

A presentation aimed at those personnel who have little or no knowledge of dynamic positioning systems, operations and the components, hardware and controls associated with the systems. A one day introductory course to outline the concept of a DP unit and how it remains on location within the potential operating limits. This course is particularly useful to both Marine and Drilling personnel, requiring an understanding of DP Operations.

Emergency Disconnect Sequence (EDS) Training

BOS provides rig-specific training in Emergency Disconnect Sequence (EDS). The course initially evaluates the knowledge of the crews by a short test, and then introduces the participants to the basic principles involved, namely watch keeping circles, drift-offs and  drive-offs, loss of position scenarios, hanging off the drill string, shearing the pipe and  disconnecting the LMRP. In addition, we discuss the limitations of the subsea equipment in use and highlight the correct procedures to follow when non-shearable tubulars are across the BOP. The rig-specific BOP is computer animated to accurately demonstrate the various functions of EDS in real time to teach the crew the specifics of the particular rig to which they are assigned. A full spectrum of EDS scenarios is demonstrated, followed by a session on post-EDS operations and re-establishment to the well. The course duration is two days per crew. In conjunction with this training, BOS can review the existing rig-specific EDS procedures in place (if any) and, if required, produce a rig-specific EDS Plan. This is presented in the form of an A1 sized wall poster which provides step by step procedures to be followed by the crews in the event of an emergency disconnect situation arising during any of the rig operations.

Client-Specific Training

BOS can provide client-specific Drilling, Marine and Technical training courses, tailored to the exact needs of the client. In this fast evolving industry, new and innovative equipment is regularly introduced, such as Riser Gas Handling systems and Managed Pressure Drilling equipment. The most effective way to ensure that this equipment is operated safely and efficiently is through rig-specific training, which uses state of the art multi-media presentations tailored to the specific rig to explain the correct procedures in all operating modes. BOS has the experience and technical knowledge to prepare and present this training. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

DPO Mentoring / Competency

The recent rapid expansion of the worldwide drill ship fleet (with many more vessels due to join the deep water market in the next few years) has created a requirement to provide on the job mentoring to DPO’s, many of whom have limited experience of DP rigs and the criticality of DP systems / Drilling interfaces. BOS can provide highly experienced, senior DP personnel to advise bridge staff on the correct procedures required to support successful DP station keeping in all operating conditions. BOS can include detailed EDS training if requested. We are also able to carry out Competency Assessments of DP personnel to ensure satisfactory standards are achieved.