Technical Support

Projects and Drilling Equipment

Vendor Surveillance / Review

We provide experienced Subsea / Mechanical / Electrical Engineers for all types of FAT and SIT work, whether located at the OEM premises or in the field. This includes the complete manufacture of BOPs, Engines, Thrusters, Drawworks, Mud Pumps, etc. We also provide Vendor Surveillance services for all types of equipment repairs and re-commissioning, including the qualification of vendors.

Well Control Equipment FAT and SIT Supervision

BOS offer technical support by our experienced surveyors for the verification of pressure control equipment.

This is achieved by means of supplying 24 hour cover at the facilities of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to oversee the manufacture, and witness factory acceptance testing (FAT), of equipment and System Integrated testing (SIT) of:

●  Annular and Ram type Blow out Preventers (BOPs)

●  Connectors

●  Flex Joints

●  Flex Loops

●  Riser Adaptors

●  Multiplex Control Systems (MUX)

●  Acoustic Backup Systems

●  Emergency Hydraulic Backup Systems (EHBS)

●  Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

●  Marine Riser systems

●  Telescopic Joints

●  Hands Free Gooseneck Assemblies

Operating as a team with the clients’ representatives, our surveyors concentrate on the supervised day to day activities and verify compliance with the OEM procedures and where necessary compliance with the requirements of regulatory authorities while alerting the client of any issues and potential problems enabling the client to concentrate on commercial issues.

Close liaison with the OEM’s Quality Control Department and the Certifying Authority ensures satisfactory compliance to procedures.

The submission of daily reports provides the client with a record of progress and planned future activities as well as highlighting any issues that may have arisen.

24 hour coverage also affords a maintained level of damage limitation with our surveyors representing the client and intervening when OEM procedures are not being followed and / or if the potential for damage exists.

The witnessing of FATs and SITs incorporates confirmation of:

●  Traceability and identification of equipment

●  Verification of work documentation

●  Verification of calibration of test equipment utilized during the performance of testing

●  Hydro testing

●  Proof body shell testing

●  Shear capability testing

●  Wellbore pressure testing

●  Function testing

A final project report is submitted affording the client with a comprehensive overview of the activities during the duration of the project as well as highlighting any issues and opportunities for improvement in the future.