Safety Studies


HSE IADC Safety Case Preparation

BOS prepare and draft Rig and Owner-specific IADC HSE Safety Case documentation, which provides clear supportive evidence that the Corporate HSE Management Structure has been both integrated and adopted by all personnel (from Senior Management to rig crew) and also demonstrates that the Management Structure is being successfully applied, ensuring that a safe system of work is in place.  A Structured Hazard Identification Consultative process (SHIDAC) is utilised for assessment of the possible hazards and their potential risk. For any hazard found to be rated as high potential, the risk assessment process is extended to consider threats and consequences of each hazard and the availability and effectiveness of the barriers in place to demonstrate that an ALARP case can be made.  This consultative process takes the form of a BowTie analysis, supported by the Governors NL software.

BowTie Hazard Analysis

Use of the accredited Governors CG BowTie Assessors utilising the latest software for the analysis of specific risks and barriers, and the associated controlling and mitigating measures for high risk operational events within the offshore marine and drilling environment.

The process also identifies critical systems, roles and responsibilities, and produces a matrix of Simultaneous Operations Boundaries (SOOB's).


BOS are able to undertake compliance and verification audits for vessels and MODUs against the applicable Class, Flag State, and Corporate regimes.

In addition, gap analyses against contractual clauses and the provision of Quality Plans in compliance with API Spec Q2 can also be undertaken.

Marine and Technical Incident Investigation

BOS provide in-depth accident / incident investigation expertise on Bluewater, Offshore and all Marine-related issues to a Client's mandate. BOS provides technical and operational expertise to construct and deduce a Root Cause Analysis, with specific findings, observations and recommendations. BOS can also assist the Client in facilitating investigations, assuming the role as lead investigators, and in the preparation and presentation of comprehensive accident investigation documentation and reporting. BOS can provide Client support services, for the training of their personnel, in front line accident investigation techniques and methodology.

Significant Potential Accident Risk Assessment (SPARA)

Based on ISO 17776

A safety based study for a vessel or installation, which demonstrates that adequate controls are in place so that HSE risks can be considered both tolerable and ALARP. 

The study considers the exposure of the vessel to major hazards (with a significant potential to cause an accident) and considers the structure, critical systems, and on-going operations. The fundamental validity of the document relies upon the knowledge and experience of the unit's on-board Operational Team.


BOS provides a comprehensive service of facilitation for HAZOP and HAZID Risk Assessment services for the Marine and Drilling Industries covering all facets of operations.

The BOS process will utilise the standard keyword approach in the case of the HAZOP and in support of the HAZID, will utilise the ISO document 17776 for guidance in the identification of hazards.