Risk Identification - Drilling Operations

Rig Condition / Equipment Surveys

BOS can provide specialists to perform comprehensive Rig Condition Surveys on all types of MODUs. The Condition Report is divided into Mechanical, Electrical, Subsea, Marine and Safety systems, and rates each piece of equipment or system for condition or compliance, highlighting any areas of concern. Performance and safety assessments on a variety of individual items of rig equipment, including Hoisting Equipment, Temporary Pipework and BOP's, can be undertaken.

Equipment Verification and Certification

BOS provides verification services to ensure contractual compliance. We catalogue the equipments' Certificates of Conformity and check that the specification of the equipment conforms both to requirements and to the appropriate certification authority.

API Compliance Analyses

BOS has conducted many analyses for both Operators and Contractors to verify compliance with changing regulatory Standards. Recent changes include adherence to BSEE regulations, and the progression to API S53 compliance. We will provide comprehensive analysis to highlight any non-compliance issues.

Rig Operational Performance Studies

BOS can provide various operational studies designed to improve operating performance by enhancing planning, execution and mentoring throughout the project using personnel with extensive deepwater experience.

Temporary Pipework Surveys

Temporary pipework is defined as the piping, conduits and flow line equipment for directing fluids (liquids or gasses) from a pump to a Xmas Tree, from a high pressure point to a low pressure point, or fluids directed to outlets ending with plugs on which sensors are mounted. We carry out specialised audits to ensure that all piping, unions, joints and pressure measuring equipment are checked for certification and fitness for purpose.

Simultaneous Operational Studies

BOS has performed comprehensive simultaneous operational studies for various contractors including multi-location batch drilling operations providing complete operational procedures for the project.

Line of Fire Surveys

BOS can identify and report on all potential hazards on a drilling or marine unit which could injure personnel by a release of energy, whether that energy release was caused by unexpected motion, malfunction, pressure or other reason. The assessment encompasses all commonly used working areas, and normally includes all equipment, static lines, materials in tension,  overhead structures, temporary pipework, pressure vessels and any other equipment with the potential to release hazardous substances, projectiles or energy (of any type) likely to cause injury. The audit methodology is consistent with other HAZID audits, and each hazard will be assessed based on agreed criteria.