Risk Identification - Marine Operations

Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) & Dynamic Positioning FMEA (DPFMEA)

Our expertise in this system reliability analysis is based upon over ten years of exposure to multi-vendor systems and changing technology in the field. Our knowledge has developed following exposure to a broad variety of client requirements and the consequent technical benefits of experience and lessons learned. The technique involves reviewing the components, assemblies, and subsystems to identify all failure modes, their potential causes, and the local and global effects. For each component, the failure modes and the resulting effects are recorded in a specific FMEA worksheet.  The process describes the equipment and systems involved, and their inter-relation.

Marine and Dynamic Positioning Operational Management Audit

The BOS DP Operational Management Audit has been developed over many years to provide a client with a clear view of the effectiveness of the corporate management system as applied to a particular vessel. The systematic process identifies the technical status of the vessel with regard to equipment and system performance and current status, as well as the competency of the operational personnel and the support they can access to the necessary technical publications and operational criteria that assist in the process of operational risk mitigation. The audit will provide the client with a full view of the vessel's current DP status and identify any areas for improvement, leading to reducing operational risk and improving overall operability.

Vessel / MODU Audit and Inspection

BOS can undertake either an industry standard unit survey using accredited auditors and associated protocols (CMID or OVID), or, for dynamically positioned vessels, an in-house (BOS) DP Operational Management Audit, to determine the effectiveness of the DP Operational management on board the unit in question.

BOS can also facilitate a program of unit verification and acceptance that satisfies a range of mutual goals and objectives to ensure:

●   that both Projects and Operations achieve closure though systems and equipment testing packages according to agreed performance standards

●   that systems and equipment not included within the project package are included as part of the test program

●   that systems integration has been properly demonstrated in support of contracted conditions of work

Supply Chain Management Reviews

BOS can provide a specialised team of procurement and supply chain experts, highly experienced in the offshore oil exploration industry, to analyse whether inefficiencies, inconsistencies and deficiencies are present in a client’s supply chain. Following a period of research and data collection, we will work with the client to identify improvement opportunities in their procurement systems and processes and suggest remedies for the optimisation of cost control, critical stock levels and vendor supply systems.

Maintenance and Systems Review

BOS offer a troubleshooting program of audit and review which is geared towards clients that may be having a range of technical and operational problems and associated vessel downtime with contributory factors linked to maintenance and the application of maintenance process/procedure. A prime goal would be the identification of contributory causes and the proposal of applied solutions.

The audit program is generically tailored to cover a range of expected integrated routines and applied best practices for both offshore and onshore teams.

ISM & ISPS Audits

BOS ISM Lead Auditors can audit the necessary documentation and procedures in place for the safe management and operation of ships for pollution prevention. We can also review and validate the security arrangements of vessels under the ISPS code. Our Lead Auditors and accredited Masters will assess the current security arrangements and provide recommendations to ensure that the plans and procedures needed are in place to react to changing security levels.

Rig Importation into Brazil - Readiness Reviews

BOS can provide guidance to clients for rig importation and set-up of operations in Brazil. The service includes providing all inspections, regulatory advice and ensuring that the rig is ready for acceptance, rig clearance and all importation formalities. We can assist in all aspects of start-up, including sourcing yard and office facilities and personnel.

Technical and Operational Risk Assessment (TORA)

Technical and Operational Risk Assessment is an in house tool box that undertakes a comprehensive review of documented failure modes from the FMEA and integrates the findings with operational considerations. The resulting areas of any concern within the systems or hardware are highlighted, and using an established risk ranking process the criticalities are clearly defined, as is the order of precedence for the necessary remedial action.

Pre-Hire / On-Hire Audit

BOS provides suitably qualified personnel for any Pre-Hire vessel / offshore MODU evaluation as may be required by the Client.